Coronation Street: David confronts Josh – “He’s panicking now” reveals Ryan Clayton

As Shona tracks down another of Josh's victims the actor reveals the rapist's next move


The net closes in on rapist Josh Tucker in Coronation Street next week when David Platt confronts his attacker after being released from prison and Shona Ramsey tracks down one of his previous victims.


Desperate to find dirt on Josh so he can be brought to justice as David maintains he will not report the rape to the police, Shona finds out the toxic Tucker used to work at a local gym and drops by asking questions. Josh is alarmed when an old colleague tips him off, while Shona also speaks to another ex-workemate, Dec, who reveals he was also raped by the menacing mechanic but hurries off before giving the full story.

Meanwhile, David is given a suspended sentence for beating up Gary Windass and returns to the street hoping for a fresh start, and asks Shona to move back in with him. But Josh ramps up the mind games on his victim as he tells little Max that David doesn’t love him as much as Lily because he’s not his real dad – pushing angry David into confronting Mr Tucker in public. Will this play into Josh’s hands to discredit David, or expose his true colours? Ryan Clayton, who plays Josh, teases next week’s big drama.

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Is Josh scared of Shona?
Shona is definitely a threat and and starts to cause problems because she won’t allow him to settle. It’s definitely panicking him but he’s pretending he is not bothered which he continues to do, as that is his  approach.

How worried is he that Shona is investigating his past?
He doesn’t want those worlds to cross, that’s why he always  moves from place to place so quickly, so people from his past interacting with people from his present is a problem, but he thinks that he will be okay because David is unlikely to admit to police that they slept together.

Do you think his behaviour suggests that Josh did to others what he did to David?
Yes, and we know from even his first day in Weatherfield he has been around, so there have been problems in his past but he puts it all behind him. Josh never deals with his problems, he just moves on to the next place.


Does Josh ever feel guilty, seeing David struggling to cope with what happened?
In Josh’s head, he has tried to move past it and tell David that he will be fine. There’s no guilt on his part but he feels like he wants to alter David’s behaviour because he doesn’t want to see David the way he is. But Josh does not realise the consequences of his actions, what they may lead to and how that person might be affected.

What are Josh’s first thoughts when he learns Shona went to where he used to work?
It’s immediate panic because Shona could find out about his previous life. Is she going to meet someone else that he has done this to? And if she does, then two voices are louder than one so that could become a problem.

How does Josh feel about David’s court appearance for the assault on Gary?
Josh is lapping it up because it means he doesn’t have to deal with that situation, it gives Josh a stronger argument that David is a bit of a headcase.

David is released, so why does Josh meddle in his relationship with Max?
To rile David, because he knows he is on probation and that he can get him in more trouble. The more people who think that David is not all there, the better.

What is Josh’s reaction when David grabs him in Roy’s Rolls?
Josh is happy because David has done it out in public and everyone has seen it…


He’s continuing his romance with Alya, despite Shona trying to warn her off, are his feelings genuine?
He would like their relationship to carry on but deep down, no not at all. He doesn’t even even remotely have feelings for her but he if he tells Alya he loves her then he will start to believe his own lies. If Josh lies about something then he goes at it so much, full throttle, and he will fully invest in it.


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