Neighbours: first look at Plain Jane Superbrain’s return

What brings Mrs Mangel's granddaughter back to Erinsborough?

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Neighbours has released the first pictures of fan favourite Jane Harris’s return to Ramsay Street, as she catches newcomer Chloe Brennan in a very compromising position in the Rebecchis’ swimming pool. What would Mrs Mangel say?


Chloe is busy entertaining Lassiters employee Brandon Danker as she tries to wangle a job at the hotel complex using her powers of seduction. She’s put the guy down as a fake referee on her somewhat-exaggerated CV, but plans to charm him into going along with her fraud by inviting him to the Rebecchi spa when Mishti lets slip the house will be empty for a while.


As the minxy Ms Brennan turns up the passion in the pool, the canoodling couple are confronted by an unexpected visitor – a prim and proper middle-aged woman who is not at all impressed with what she sees.

Plain Jane Superbrain, as she was known back in the day during her original Neighbours stint from 1986-1989, was a former resident of Number 32, but why she’s back after all this time remains a closely-guarded secret for now.


Why has Jane suddenly reappeared? And judging by her outfit, what on earth happened to her legendary makeover where she ditched the glasses? She’s looking pretty daggy these days…

Neighbours airs Jane’s return on Friday 6 April at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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