“I’m upset with Stacey at the moment,” admits EastEnders star Lacey Turner

The actress also discusses what’s like to be reunited with Kat, Mo and Jean

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Lacey Turner has admitted that her EastEnders character Stacey Fowler is currently in her bad books following her break-up with Martin.


“I’m quite upset with her at the moment,” she said when RT caught up with her recently, “but it is what it is. Max is that thing she can’t get rid of – the devil inside her. It’s fun to play, but it’s not good for Stacey. He’s her one weakness – it’s like me with chocolate!”

Fans of the BBC1 soap recently saw Martin and Stacey split up after he discovered all about her Christmas one-night stand with Max. As a consequence, Turner and her firm friend James Bye – who plays Martin – haven’t been working together as much they previously did:

“I do miss James – I don’t see him much anymore. I happened to bump into him this morning and he said, ‘mate, where are you these days?’”

EastEnders - January-April 2018 - 5675

Instead, Turner has found herself reunited with on-screen family members Jessie Wallace (Kat), Laila Morse (Mo) and Gillian Wright (Jean), who are all returning to EastEnders next week.

“It feels like they’ve never been away,” said the Walford star. “You can be separated for a couple of years and yet it feels like you only saw them yesterday. We do have a laugh – probably more than we should. They’re such a nutty bunch to have around.”

Singling out Morse for special praise, Turner added: “I felt that we were missing Mo. She’s just hilarious. She’s like Kat’s pit bull – she just sends her out! On and off screen, her one liners are just gold. But Laila has no idea how funny she is. She should have a camera on her 24/7.”

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