Emmerdale: Priya to be accused of child abuse, reveals Fiona Wade

Is she really responsible for harming Eliza?


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Emmerdale - Ep 8084

Thursday 1st March 2018 - 2nd Ep

A stressed Priya Sharma [FIONA WADE] flips when looking after Eliza and Amba and throws a plate of food at the wall when the girls refuse to eat.  

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Priya Sharma looks set to be accused of child abuse on Emmerdale after bruises are found on the arm of Jai’s daughter Eliza.


Eliza’s injuries are initially suspected to have come as a result of a fit, but when doctors rule out seizures as a cause, suspicions start to mount about Priya’s actions.

Having been observed losing her temper with her own daughter Amba, Priya is soon being looked upon as a potential abuser, with even dad Rishi starting to doubt her. And when the police and social services then get involved, Priya is forced to defend her actions.


“Rishi’s faint worry has caused this big thing. Because it’s a child with bruises, it has to be taken seriously, but I don’t think Rishi wanted it to go this far,” explains Fiona Wade. “She gets interviewed by the police and she’s completely out of her depth. She ends up having to move out of Holdgate – it’s a tough time for her.”

With Priya ostracised by the Sharmas and being accused of mistreating Eliza, it seems that the pressure will mount for Priya in the week’s ahead. Speaking about how she feels about her character’s plight, Wade adds:

“I’m quite defensive when it comes to Priya because I love her. She’s angry with her family for not believing her, but she does understand that Jai has to protect his child. But to actually think that Priya could have hurt Eliza! She’s very upset by that because that’s not what would ever happen.”

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