Neighbours: Ben and Xanthe receive a chilling warning

The teens are caught up in Tyler's gangster plot next week


Neighbours teens Ben Kirk and Xanthe Canning get a fright next week as they become indirectly involved in Tyler Brennan’s brush with the criminal underworld – and there are potentially fatal consequences for one Ramsay Street resident.


As Tyler and girlfriend Piper Willis take off on a mini-break as he contemplates a prison sentence for the murder of his dad Hamish Roche – and once Tyler’s mum Fay admits her recent confession to the cops that she did it was a pack of lies to try and save her son from the slammer – gangster Adrian Snyder continues to sniff around Erinsborough looking for the Brennan mechanic.

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Ben is shaken when Snyder calls at the garage wanting Tyler to do another dodgy job on behalf of Philip Banks, the criminal mastermind who is top dog in the jail Ty could soon be spending time in.

Worried for his friend, Ben confides in Xanthe and the pair are then perplexed to find Piper’s pet cat Clementine motionless in the road. The cat is foaming at the mouth and has a sinister note attached to her collar which says: ‘Tyler – we don’t like waiting…’

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As vets tend to the poorly pussy (who thankfully pulls through), Tyler and Piper return and realise Adrian poisoned the pet as a warning to Mr Brennan to do his dirty work. Terrified Ty tells Terese how gangsters are putting pressure on him and she promises not to breathe a word to fragile Piper, as long as he sorts the situation.

But Tyler is scared of reprisals if he refuses to go along with Snyder and Banks – what if next time it’s an actual person that ends up in the firing line? Will Tyler agree to Adrian’s demands to protect his loved ones?


Neighbours airs these scenes the week beginning Monday 5 February on Channel 5, and continues weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.