Emmerdale: Robert ends up in bed with Lawrence! What next in sex blackmail shock?

The sneaky Sugden lies he was seduced as he steps up his plan to destroy the Whites


Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden has fooled Lawrence White into thinking they had sex and that his former father-in-law took advantage of him while they were both drunk. Of course it’s all a lie, but it could be the ultimate blackmail bargaining chip the slippery Sugden needs to take down the Whites and seize control of the Home Farm empire…


Having pretended to bond with Lawrence over their shared heartbreak of their exes moving on with other people, Rob got Mr White ratted to the point of unconsciousness, and viewers were left wondering what sinister plan he had for him as he lay passed out on the stairs.


In the second of tonight’s double bill he put his devious plot into action – tucking unconscious Lawrence up in bed, wicked Robert stripped off and slipped between the sheets beside him. When Larry woke up semi-naked with a fuzzy head he was mortified to find himself in bed with his daughter’s ex-husband who shamefully told him they’d had sex…


With no recollection of anything prior to hitting the bottle with Rob earlier that afternoon, Lawrence recoiled as he struggled to digest the bedroom bombshell – but the embarrassment levels were cranked up when Finn Barton walked in on the boys hiding their modesty under the duvet (his face was a picture).


As Robert played the confused card and made a swift exit, Lawrence popped his trousers back on and set about shutting down Finn – who was so traumatised by the unexpected sight he never wanted to discuss what he saw ever again – before seeking out his former son-in-law to find out exactly what happened.

Spinning Larry one of his most elaborate lies yet, reprehensible Robert described how they’d drowned their sorrows and that when he’d put him to bed after a few too many brandies the randy Mr White went in for a kiss – and one thing led to another.

Suggesting he’d been taken advantage of in his vulnerable state, Robert convinced a horrified Lawrence he’d drunkenly seduced him. Appalled by his claims, remorseful Lawrence begged Rob not to tell anyone about their sordid assignation. Having got Mr White exactly where he wanted him, the sly Sugden bit back that he was in no position to tell him what to do…


With Lawrence believing he forced Robert into a liquor-fuelled lusty liaison, he’ll do anything to keep this dirty secret from being exposed to the rest of his family – especially daughter Rebecca, who’s expecting Robert’s child… which is precisely the point, as Robert now has the upper hand in his poisonous power play to claim Home Farm for himself. Will he force Lawrence to sign everything over to him in exchange for his silence over the supposed sex secret?

Next week, Lachlan suspects something strange is going on between Robert and his granddad, leading Lawrence to tell Robert to keep his distance. Will Lucky learn what Rob’s up to?

How exactly will Robert use his sex lie as leverage? What if Lawrence remembers what really happened? Will Finn end up blabbing? And could Robert and Lawrence become the new Robron? ‘#Robrence’, anyone?!

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below.


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