EastEnders: Linda forgives Mick – on one condition…

Can Mr Carter stay away from Whitney for the sake of his marriage?


There could be hope for Mick and Linda Carter’s marriage after all as L agreed to forgive her philandering husband in tonight’s EastEnders – but only if he promised to never see daughter-in-law Whitney again. 


Following Tuesday’s epic three-hander where Mick admitted to his wife he’d kissed Whitney and developed feelings for her while Linda was away at her mum’s in Watford (and why exactly was she there? The real reason is still yet to be revealed…), soap’s strongest marriage was left hanging by a thread as heartbroken Linda questioned their future after the betrayal and threw her man out.

Tension was rife in tonight’s episode as Mick and Linda avoided each other, and Shirley gave her son’s spouse some wise words and insisted he wasn’t in love with Whitney, and urged L to forgive him. 


Reunited at the pub, stern Linda demanded the truth about Mick’s feelings – and the sheepish landlord swore he only had eyes for her and regretted letting his eye wander in Whit’s direction. Linda then urged Mick to promise that he’d never see Whitney again, and even though he agreed we’re not totally sure we believe him…

The couple still have a long way to go as they attempt to get back to normal next week, so it remains to be seen if Mick really is over his little crush. Maybe we won’t know for sure until Whitney gets another glamorous new hairdo to turn his head… 

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