Meet the cast of Red Rock

The Irish police drama has made its way over to BBC daytime. Read on to find out who makes up the Garda and the feuding families on Red Rock.


Irish crime drama Red Rock has been spicing up daytime TV with its murder, drug abuse and family feud-filled storylines. The Irish soap surpassed all expectations with its debut series, picking up two Irish Film and Television Awards for best soap as well as a deal with Amazon Prime. It was smash hit when it occupied Doctors’ daytime slot last summer and series two is now airing on BBC1.


But who are these fiery police officers (or gardai as they’re called across the pond) and feuding families? It’s time to meet the cast.

Beware of spoilers for the first series.

Richard Flood – Superintendant James McKay 

Superintendant McKay was the top cop in Red Rock garda station. Unfortunately he met his end in the finale of last season when a masked assailant stabbed him. Season two begins with the gardai investigating his murder. Married to Claire Hennesy, he often found himself torn between family and professional life. Don’t expect to be seeing much of him this season, for obvious reasons.

Where do I recognise him from?

Richard Flood played Kenny O’Donnell, special assistant to the president, in 2013’s Killing Kennedy.

Jane McGrath – Sharon Cleere

Sharon is one of the newer recruits to Red Rock and finds herself regularly getting ordered about. But she is an ambitious officer and proves her resilience when chasing down fellow copper Brian McGonigle, eventually bringing him to justice for his affair with a school girl.

Where do I recognise her from?

Jane McGrath starred in the 2013 film Black Ice as Alice, a young Irish woman who is attracted to the underground world of rally car racing. She also had a minor role in Game of Thrones as Sissy, one of Craster’s daughters who notably stabs Karl Tanner in the back to help Jon Snow dispatch him.

Patrick Ryan – Paudge Brennan

Rank and file Garda. He’s a bit work shy and is more likely to be seen catching a nap in the rec room than doing work. He often acts the fool but has proven that he has a dodgy side after being blackmailed into dealings with some of Red Rock’s most notorious criminals in the first series. 

Where do I recognise him from?

Patrick Ryan is another Game of Thrones alumni having played a knight of House Frey way back in season one.

Sean Mahon – Brian McGonigle

Brian is a renegade cop who doesn’t take orders from anyone else. He’s not afraid to put his hand round a suspect’s throat and his questionable moral compass often lands him in trouble. He was involved in one of the most central storylines of last series when he was caught grooming teenage girls. Despite being apprehended it apparently isn’t the last we’ve seen of McGonigle in Red Rock.

Where do I recognise him from?


Mahon has had a host of small parts in some surprisingly big films, including playing Lucky in Mr & Mrs Smith, and a pilot in Zero Dark Thirty and Hulk.