Neighbours: Elly forced to run naked through school after pupil prank

But who steals the teacher's clothes?


Teacher Elly Conway is the victim of a cheeky prank in next week’s Neighbours where she’s forced to run naked through Erinsborough High when a pupil steals her clothes. 


It’s a stressful enough day for the tutor as she has an important presentation to the education department requesting funding to prepare for. Keen to impress mentor and headteacher (and her auntie) Susan Kennedy, Elly is extra-strict on the kids to show she means business but riles up school bully Tia Martinez, who squirts moisturiser all over the teacher forcing her to shower and change before the bigwigs arrive.

Tearaway Tia then picks on Kirsha Rebecchi and forces her to steal Miss Conway’s clothes from the changing rooms for a giggle, leaving Elly laid bare when she emerges from the shower to find her garments have gone…

With the department pitch looming, Elly employs Ben Kirk’s help into hot-footing it in the nude back to her office without anyone seeing her in all her glory (hope young Ben is looking the other way…).


Just when she thinks she’s escaped embarrassment and is back in her office, she’s greeted by Susan and the visitor from the department of education – awkward.

Humiliated at being caught with her pants (and everything else) down, Elly investigates who was behind the prank and points the finger at Yashvi – even though the Rebecchi teen discovers little sister Kirsha was pushed into it by toxic Tia.

Deciding to take the blame for her sibling so she doesn’t get into trouble, will Yash end up paying the price for something she didn’t do? And will the real culprit for the clothes-swiping be uncovered?

Neighbours airs these scenes on Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 August on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.