EastEnders: Mick tells Linda the truth about him and Whitney in next week’s dramatic three-hander

Can the Carters' marriage survive once the betrayal is out in the open?


EastEnders’ much-anticipated three-hander episode featuring Mick, Linda and Whitney will be shown next Tuesday 8 August, and promises to be a huge turning point for the Carters as Mick admits his betrayal to his wife. 


Linda returns to Albert Square for good on Monday, making her mark on the place as only she can, and immediately senses things aren’t right between her and Mick and turns to son Johnny, asking if he can explain his dad’s distant behaviour.

Meanwhile, Mick considers coming clean to L about snogging his daughter-in-law, but mum Shirley convinces both Mick and Whit to keep quiet and for Whitney to focus on her engagement to Woody instead.

But Mick’s conscience gets the better of him and when him and Linda are alone and she declares there are to be no more secrets between them, he finally admits the truth about what went on while she was away in Watford – leading into Tuesday’s special episode focusing on the three members of the Walford love triangle. 

Whitney is in her bedroom but soon hears the commotion as it dawns on Linda her husband and her son’s ex have been getting a little too friendly – and she’s not a happy woman… 

Accusations fly and uncomfortable home truths come to light as Whitney gets caught up in an almighty row between Mick and Linda. 

As Linda struggles to comprehend Mick’s infidelity with Whitney (it may have only been a kiss, but that’s sure to count as full-on cheating in L’s eyes) she’s stunned when her hubby has further revelations about their relationship, putting the couple even further apart…

Life will never be the same again for Mick and Linda, but is this really the end for the king and queen of the Vic? 

By Thursday, Whitney has been thrown out of the pub and is bunking down at Stacey’s, who is stunned when she hears the reason why the Carters have rejected her. Does this mean Whitney and Woody are finished just a week after announcing their engagement? 

Back at the Vic, the family start to question what’s going on – as the pressure mounts for Linda, can she rescue her marriage? And will she confess to the big secret she’s been hiding, as viewers know she wasn’t completely honest with Mick about why she moved in with her mother for all those months? 

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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