Coronation Street: romance on the cards for Alya and Luke?

The mechanic makes a move on his flatmate next week


Cupid plays a visit to the cobbles in next week’s Coronation Street when Luke Britton gets flirty with new flatmate Alya Nazir – will these two end up sharing more than just the gas bill after he tries to kiss her? 


Wednesday’s episode sees the bright young things of Weatherfield heading to Luke, Alya and Kate Connor’s flat warming party (on a school night!), but the evening takes an unexpected turn when lusty Luke gets lashed and ends up leaning in for snog with Ms Nazir. 

The Underworld worker is surprised at the sudden interest from her friend, and it’s suitably awkward the morning after when the mortified mechanic apologises for his drunken antics and promises it will never happen again. 


But Alya is secretly nursing a crush on her roomie and hides her disappointment that there won’t be a repeat performance (hopefully sober this time). 

Later confiding in Rana and Kate she’s got the hots for someone but isn’t sure how to play it, it appears we’re at the beginning of a ‘Will they/won’t they’ scenario…

How long will Corrie drag this out? Hopefully not too long – poor old Luke hasn’t exactly cashed in on his potential heart-throb of the Street status having had doomed dalliances with Maria Connor and Tracy Barlow that clearly were going nowhere (if only because of the age gap). And it would be nice to see good girl Alya letting her hair down instead of swanning around the factory clutching folders looking important.

However, living together as mates already complicates the situation if the pretty pair embark on a romance…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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