Home and Away: Tori dumped as Nate leaves Summer Bay

Will the couple part on bad terms?


Dr Nate Cooper says goodbye to Summer Bay in upcoming episodes of Home and Away – meaning it’s the end of his romance with Tori Morgan.


Having turned down a job offer overseas to stay with his girlfriend, Nate starts to regret his decision and Tori fears he could end up resenting her for ruining a potential opportunity. And when the dishy doc confides in pal Leah he’s not sure how he feels about Tori any more, seeing as they were on the verge of breaking up recently, he begins to wonder if a fresh start  is what they both need. 

Questioning whether he wants his dream job or a romance on the rocks, Nate has a heart to heart with Tori and both confess neither of them are happy. Tori suggests he take the job and they try a long-distance relationship, forcing Nate to reveal he doesn’t see a future for them – and he finishes with her! 

The following day, Nate tracks down Tori and tells her he’s accepted the job and will be leaving tomorrow. Upset Ms Morgan swallows her sadness and congratulates her ex, but at a leaving dinner with Nate’s nearest and dearest that night Tori keeps topping up her glass and a row erupts as she drunkenly lays into the Cooper cutie for calling it off and moving away so abruptly – perhaps he never got over his true love, Ricky? As tipsy Tori throws her drink over Nate, it’s clear there’s no love lost here…

Luckily the pair make it up the next day, as hungover Tori apologises for being out of line and explains she was trying to process how quickly things ended. 

Admitting he was a bit insensitive, Nate tells Tori he just wants her to be happy and the former lovers say their goodbyes as the hunky doctor departs the Bay. 

So poor Tori is left behind, single and alone – and facing up to her very public drunken antics the night before… Can she move on from Nate and find happiness with someone else? 

Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 July on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.