Neighbours: Willow returns next week – is Fake Dee with her?

The surprise comeback leaves Toadie and Sonya reeling


Neighbours is set to revisit the ‘Fake Dee’ storyline next week when Willow Somers makes a surprise return to Ramsay Street. But is her scamming mother Andrea with her?


Next week, Sonya Rebecchi suspects she has a mysterious guardian angel when she notices someone is anonymously performing good deeds for her – tidying up the plants at the nursery after a storm, bringing her bins in at home… who could it be?

In Tuesday’s episode, the unseen figure who has been watching Sonya from afar is finally revealed as Willow Somers, teenager daughter of Andrea – the dastardly Dee Bliss doppelgänger who posed as Toadie’s missing wife and claimed to have come back from the dead earlier this year, along with his ‘daughter’ Willow.

Andrea’s elaborate con was exposed as a pack of lies and mother and daughter escaped to London, but Toadie was fooled long enough to fall into bed with the imposter before discovering the truth. Having stolen $100k from the Rebecchis, Andrea and a reluctant Willow, who wanted to confess all to duped Toadie, disappeared – setting off a chain of events that destroyed the Rebecchi marriage and threw Sonya into a downward spiral of alcohol addiction. 


Sonya is stunned to see Willow and immediately suspicious that she’s brought her mum with her for another sick scam – but as she and Toadie confront the teen it appears she’s as much a victim of Andrea’s antics as they are.

Sick of her mother’s lies, Willow reveals she escaped from London without Andrea’s knowledge and flew back to Australia alone. Wanting to make amends to Toadie and Sonya and face up to her part in what happened, the kid begs forgiveness.


Shaken Son confesses to Susan that while she feels sorry for Willow, she’s scared her presence could trigger Sonya into hitting the bottle again and stall any attempt at a reconciliation with Toad.

And Jarrod finds himself torn when he realises Willow may end up in foster care without a legal guardian in the country and asks for Sonya’s blessing to let the girl stick around. But is he putting Willow before his marriage? Could this drive stressed Sonya back to the bottle? And is Willow telling the truth or is Fake Dee lurking in the shadows, ready to cause more mischief?

You can read more on Sonya’s reaction to Willow’s return in our exclusive interview with actress Eve Morey here, where she also discusses the potential return of Andrea to the show.

Neighbours airs these episodes all week from next Monday 10 July on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.