Emmerdale: Rakesh’s exit storyline revealed?

Will Rakesh's revenge plan lead to his departure?


Is Rakesh Kotecha set to do a runner from Emmerdale after his arson attack on Mill Cottage is finally exposed?


Rakesh’s guilt will be revealed after a drunken Jimmy puts a call in to the police, all of which results in the cops making a call to the village.

In the aftermath of all this, a disillusioned Priya is told by Jai that she needs to stop protecting Rakesh and – feeling increasingly isolated – she ends up seeking solace in the arms of another villager.

Later on, Priya admits to Rakesh that she no longer loves him and even goes so far as to tell him that she’s slept with someone else.


Rakesh’s next move is to then get revenge by stealing Priya’s password-filled notebook, which he intends to use to access the factory’s bank accounts.

However, he’s caught in the act at the factory by Jai who implies that he’ll call the police, only for Rakesh to threaten to take Priya down with him if Jai doesn’t stump up the cash.

Giving Jai some time to consider his threat, Rakesh heads off to say an emotional goodbye to Johnny and then returns to the factory to collect his money. But he’s humiliated when Jai and Rishi offer him a mere £50.


Still determined to get hold of a stack of cash, Rakesh’s next move is to demand £50,000 from Lawrence and Ronnie up at Home Farm, saying that he’ll expose both their part in the fire at Mill and the framing of Andy Sugen should they refuse.

But after again being mocked, Rakesh resorts to desperate methods when he gets hold of a crowbar, makes an attempt to steal from the Home Farm and ends up hurting Lachlan during a heated struggle.

Amidst all this, Priya gets wind of what’s happening and tries to defuse the situation, telling Rakesh to leave and be happy elsewhere – unaware that Lachlan is actually listening in…


Later on, Emmerdale fans will see Priya get arrested after her incriminatory talk lands her in trouble. But will Rakesh get away? And will Priya end up taking the blame?

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