Hollyoaks: Sienna fakes a miscarriage – and leaves Warren reeling

Shock scenes saw Sienna tell Warren that their unborn twins had died


A revenge-fuelled Sienna has told a whopper of a lie in tonight’s Hollyoaks – fibbing to Warren that she’s had a miscarriage.


Sienna’s was seen putting her sick scam into action over fears that she’d eventually lose custody of her twins after finding a child arrangement order that Warren had asked for.

Having initially decided that she didn’t want to leave Warren, Sienna opted to make Warren love her again, getting herself glammed up in order to impress him.

But after heading over to the Loft to seduce her man, Sienna was rebuffed after Warren told her that he was too busy.

Sienna was then seen falling to the floor after a tussle with Cindy over a stolen bottle of wine, but refusing to act on Warren’s advice to go to the hospital.

But she was left with little choice but to seek medical attention after experiencing more pains. Confiding in Nancy that she was fearful about losing the babies, Sienna was subsequently relieved to hear two healthy heartbeats as a nurse performed a scan.

Tonight’s drama then came to a cliffhanger when Sienna came to the conclusion that she would have to fight Warren if she wanted to keep her kids. Arriving home, she ended up breaking the news to Warren that their unborn twins had died.

But for how long can she sustain the lie? And will Nancy collude with Sienna should she discover what she’s done?


The next Hollyoaks first-look episode can be seen tomorrow on E4 at 7:00pm.