Hollyoaks: Ryan and Kyle caught out next week

Has Scott Drinkwell rumbled their secret affair?


Ryan Knight’s secret gay fling with Kyle Kelly could be exposed in next week’s Hollyoaks when a discussion about their dalliance is overheard by Scott Drinkwell. Is the whole village about to discover what DS Knight was really up to the day his wife Amy was murdered?


Fans recently found out raunchy Ryan has been hiding his hook-up with Kyle, Nancy Osbourne’s ex, and that the boys were in bed together the night Amy Barnes died – which, incidentally, was also Ryan and Amy’s wedding day. What a rat…

Ry Ry has lied that he was drinking in the Loft when the attack happened to give him an alibi and to keep the truth about his double life from being public knowledge, and even tampered with CCTV footage from the bar to protect his story. He’s also warned Mr Kelly to keep away, but so far he’s ignored any threats and continues to hang around Hollyoaks village in the hope the cute copper fancies another fumble…

In next Thursday’s E4 episode, Kyle collars his lover and follows him into the toilets at the Dog in the Pond. The fellas’ confrontation is charged with sexual tension as Kyle begs Ryan not to give up on them.

Struggling with his sexuality and blaming his infidelity for Amy’s death – thinking if he hadn’t left her alone in the flat and done the dirty with Kyle she may still be alive – Ryan tries his best to resist temptation.

However, when he emerges from the cubicle Scott Drinkwell is standing there – how much has he overheard of the closeted couple’s conversation?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.