Home and Away: VJ confronts Zak, plus Roo returns – and she’s not alone

15-19 May 2017: And Olivia and Hunter admit defeat and give up on their new home


Your guide to all next week’s drama on Home and Away:


Monday 15 May

Kat is increasingly concerned about Patrick’s erratic behaviour and does some digging into his military past. After learning of Irene’s track record as a parent, Ash tells her to relinquish Luc and threatens her with legal action. Olivia and Hunter’s home is burgled. 

Tuesday 16 May

With their laptops gone and no insurance, Olivia and Hunter realise that their new home is not going to work out and move back to Irene’s place. VJ discovers that Zac cheated on Leah. Battle lines are drawn up over Luc’s custody when Ash threatens VJ and Irene with legal action, despite Kat’s reluctance to get involved. 

Wednesday 17 May

Roo’s reluctance to talk about her holiday in Hawaii sets tongues wagging, but nobody suspects the real reason for her reticence. John gets off on the wrong foot with the Legal Aid defence lawyer who has been assigned to him. Phoebe is delighted to meet her old friend Donna, who has been touring in the US but has returned for Phoebe’s party. 

Thursday 18 May

As the Morgans prepare for Justin and Phoebe’s party, Brody struggles to stay off drugs. Morag Bellingham is back and handling John’s case. She also discovers why Roo is being so secretive—her new lover James is young enough to be her son. Dr Chung tells Tori that the budget has been cut and they have to make Nate redundant. 


Friday 19 May

John is disposed to accept the plea bargain he has been offered, but changes his mind after talking to Morag and Marilyn. After hearing Phoebe singing at the party, Donna advises her not to give up on her music career. Tori steels herself up to breaking the bad news to Nate.