Emmerdale: rape trauma for Rhona as Pierce attacks her – here’s what happens next

Will Rhona get away from Pierce? And will she go to the police?


Shock scenes just broadcast on tonight’s episode of Emmerdale have seen Rhona raped by new husband Pierce on their wedding day.


The attack happened in the midst of an argument that saw a paranoid Pierce accuse Rhona of playing him off against her ex Paddy after revealing that he knew all about their recent drunken kiss.

After branding Rhona “a slut”, Rhona decided that her and Pierce’s relationship was over, only to be thrown to the floor and sexually assaulted in tonight’s disturbing cliffhanger.


Speaking recently about the brutal nature of the rape scene, actress Zoe Henry said: “I found it quite shocking. And when we rehearsed, I did air my concerns about how brutal some of the stuff we’re doing is.

“I said to the director, ‘are we going to be able to show all of this?’ And she replied that we shouldn’t ‘half-tell’ this story. If we don’t do this story properly, then we’re not doing our jobs right.”


Tomorrow’s episode will see Rhona left incredulous when Pierce tries to manipulate the truth of the rape. Desperate to get away from her husband, will she succeed? And, if so, will she go to the police?

Commenting on the upcoming drama, Henry added: “She’s genuinely shocked by the turn of events. We’ve all seen Pierce’s temper in the past, but Rhona thought she could manage it. But when this happens, it’s so awful that she doesn’t know what to do.

“What Pierce does to her is brutal. So Rhona’s frightened and she feels very alone because she’s pushed people like Vanessa away, who she would ordinarily have turned to.”

On Pierce’s reaction, she added: “It’s surprising – he tries to sweep it under the carpet and says that Rhona asked for it. It’s almost like he’s saying, ‘pull yourself together’. That’s the bit I found the hardest to film.”


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