Hollyoaks: 10 all new spring storyline spoilers

It’s all kicking off in the village…


Hollyoaks fans are in for an exciting springtime as the new trailer teases tons of tasty twists in store. A crash, a wedding, a murder investigation and a smattering of new romances (as well as the already-announced new family) are all promised – here’s a breakdown of 10 of the juiciest glimpses of the future…



A motorbike races dangerously fast throughout the trailer, which ends with a lifeless figure lying in the road next to the bike. We can’t see who it is, or figure out the identity of the person running towards the body, but it looks like another character is about to be killed off in very dramatic fashion. Joel Dexter rides a motorbike, as does newcomer Farrah Maalik – are they the victims? Or do they cause an accident putting someone else’s life at risk? Charlie Clapham recently revealed he’s filmed his last scenes as Freddie Roscoe, could this be his exit?



Maxine excitedly accepts Adam’s proposal, but in a scene from her wedding she looks like she’s about to have root canal work rather than marry the man of her dreams. Why is the bride not beaming? It’s obviously got something to do with Adam’s ex Darcy, who’s reappearance threatens to ruin Max’s happy ever after. The trailer shows Darcy pleading with Adam to rekindle their love – will he jilt Maxine at the altar for his old flame?



“You’re not like the other lads in your year…” smiles Neeta Kaur to teenager Hunter McQueen, who looks very pleased at the attention his teacher is paying him. Could something extra-curricular be brewing between Miss Kaur and her pupil? It’s not the first time Hollyoaks have done a forbidden classroom romance: Becca and Justin’s scandalous fling from 2006 won best storyline at the British Soap Awards.



Ste’s convinced he killed Amy and prepares to plead guilty at his plea hearing, but Harry’s mission to convince him he’s innocent looks like it might pay off as the hearing approaches. Even more intriguing is lawyer James Nightingale supposedly being Ste’s saviour – these two have got major beef since James’s ex John Paul cheated on him with Ste, so can Mr Nightingale really be trusted to keep his old enemy out of jail? When James says “Don’t worry – your fate is in my hands…” should Ste be pleased or panicked? Could James himself be the killer?



Amy’s husband (of a few hours) Ryan Knight is looking dodgier by the day as the hunt for her killer intensifies and the trailer teases some very interesting developments for the copper. Warning Mercedes “You have no idea what I’m capable of” before snogging her again, and telling someone on the phone “No one can ever find out what I did to Amy,” Ry-Ry is definitely one to watch as his squeaky clean image starts to get more than a little tarnished. He could be the killer, but at the very least he’s certainly got something to hide.



Trainee priest Joel Dexter talks of trying to resist temptation as he and Cleo McQueen get closer. Leaning in for a kiss with a crucifix in the background, will Joel have to choose between his faith and his feelings? Could Hollyoaks be embarking on a 21st century version of The Thorn Birds?



Ellie Nightingale is told there’s insufficient evidence to prosecute Nick Savage for rape, following her allegation against him. But the murderous look on Freddie’s Roscoe’s face suggests he won’t be letting this go – and nor will Ellie herself, as she refuses to be a victim and defiantly tells Nick she’ll continue to fight for justice. The sexual consent storyline has been running since last autumn and looks set to come to a head this spring. We’re predicting big showdowns…



Simone tells Louis she wants to have another baby – but is this really a good idea when Mr Loveday already has a little one living in the village? Nobody knows Louis is the father of Daniel Lomax, Leela’s little boy, but if Simone ends up pregnant the guilt is going to weigh heavily on the cheating teacher. And with Zack in a relationship with the mother of his secret half brother, the Lovedays are heading for one big emotional explosion – could it be sooner than we think?



Warren Fox has just killed Bart McQueen, who he thinks was responsible for the death of his sister Katy. Girlfriend Sienna Blake has helped him conceal the crime, but the trailer shows Foxy getting an unusual crisis of conscience. As he panics about his actions, Sienna is determined to keep calm and formulate a plan to protect the father of her unborn twins, but we later see the Warren talking to the police… Is he going to hand himself in? Or has Bart’s body been found?



Crazy Kim is hiding in the attic spying on ex Esther as she continues her on again/off again relationship with Grace Black. But the trailer confirms Kim will climb down from the hatch in the ceiling and reveal her whereabouts, and it appears there will be some kind of showdown in the village between the three women. Will they all survive it? Anything’s possible where Kim’s concerned… 


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.