Coronation Street: Maria sent to jail? “She wouldn’t cope in prison,” says Samia Longchambon

Is Maria getting locked up for Christmas?


Coronation Street hairdresser Maria Connor faces the prospect of a future behind bars this Christmas following the exposure of her sham marriage to Pablo.


Having already had a sour taste of prison life after being wrongly arrested for killing stalker Caz Hammond (Caz had, in fact, framed Maria by faking her own demise), there’s a very real possibility that Maria will be incarcerated again over the festive season.

Scenes to shown on Friday 23 December will see a tearful Maria explain to son Liam that she might be going away for a while, but that she loves him very much. A scared Maria then heads to court to discover her fate…


Asked whether Maria would cope behind bars, actress Samia Longchambon says: “She would not cope at all! I keep saying that she’d come out with a tattoo of someone’s name on her chest or a teardrop inked onto her face!”

As to whether prison would change Maria, the Corrie star adds: “If she does get sent down, then I don’t think she’d come out the same person. I think it’s bound to change her in some way. After all, the usual sentence for a sham marriage is 12 months. And it all depends on whether the court makes an example of her.”

Coronation Street does have a long tradition of putting its female characters behind bars, what with Fiz, Tracy and – most famously – Deirdre having all served time. So might we have another Free the Weatherfield One on our hands?

Says Longchambon: “Well, that’s what I first thought of when I heard about the storyline. The trouble is that Deirdre was innocent and Maria’s kind-of guilty. But I’d still love to have some T-shirts made up if she does go to prison!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of Christmas on Coronation Street below.


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