Emmerdale: 10 big Christmas 2016 storylines – REVEALED

Zak and Lisa to reunite? Moira knocks Pete down! Plus a special episode for Ashley


Here is your complete guide to all the Christmas 2016 drama on Emmerdale:


1. Ashley’s special episode

Viewers will get a day in the life from Ashley’s perspective, as he walks the streets in a confused state. Expect the camerawork and editing to have a different feel to a run-of-the-mill episode of Emmerdale as the ITV soap offers a special look at life with dementia.

2. Moira knocks Pete down

A drunk Moira gets behind the wheel of the van and is soon endangering lives. Seeing the danger before him, Pete rushes to push an oblivious Jacob out of the way, but ends up being knocked down himself. This, though, is not the end of the drama. See number three on the list for more details.

3. Jacob collapses

In the aftermath of the accident, Cain ends up taking the blame for what’s happened. All of which leaves Moira feeling incredibly guilty when she takes in the sight of Emma tending to her unconscious son Pete. Then comes the shock moment when Jacob suddenly collapses…

4. Zak and Lisa to reunite?

A year ago, we had the Dingle family ripped apart following the exposure of Zak’s affair with Joanie. The pair of them are, of course, now married. But on Christmas Day, a recording is played featuring Zak confessing to Lisa that he no longer wants to move away with Joanie. A hurt Joanie slips out of the house, but will Zak follow her or will he confess to Lisa how he feels? 

5. Moira thaws towards Cain?

You’d be forgiven for not knowing where these two stand – after all, there’s is a relationship about as tempestuous as it’s possible to be. But there is hope for #Coira fans: you can expect a Christmas thawing. But when Cain wonders if there’s hope left for them, how will Moira react? 

6. Finn and Kasim headed for disaster?

Kasim may have turned up in the village wanting to seek out the man who saved his life in the recent multi-car pile-up. But being part of Finn’s family could prove too much, especially when Emma seems determined to make him an honorary Barton. Expect Kasim to start feeling suffocated in the run-up to new year.

7. Joanie is in trouble

Following the bombshells on Christmas Day, a very awkward Zak visits Joanie and she makes it clear to him that the two of them can’t be friends, not even for Kyle’s sake. Joanie decides to take charge of her life and – by the week’s end – she’s even laying down the law to Cain about where he stands with Kyle. But viewers should anticipate fresh twists in Joanie’s story that leave her in a state of despair.

8. Ronnie arouses suspicion

Having finally declared his love, Lawrence is now making up for lost time where Ronnie is concerned. ‘Time’ being a very appropriate word, in fact. Because Ronnie will be left feeling very self-conscious about a flashy watch Lawrence gets him for Christmas. And Lawrence feels bad when Ronnie admits the watch is a bit much. Later, at Home Farm, Chrissie overhears Ronnie on the phone doing a deal and is suspicious. Just what is he up to?

9. Mystery necklace for Nicola

Jimmy will be left confused about where a particular Christmas gift came from when Bernice denies buying Nicola the necklace she’s wearing. Dan also claims it wasn’t him who made the purchase – all of which leaves Jimmy feeling worried as to who is giving his wife expensive presents. Does the answer perhaps lie with Elliot?

10. Kerry flashes the compo cash

Pollard will be seen threatening to kick Kerry out unless the pays up. But it looks like Kerry could be quids in after she limps to her compensation hearing, where a price is agreed. Let’s just say that Eric will be left shocked by Kerry’s demands when she returns to the B&B.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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