Emmerdale: a watery death for Aaron Dingle? See the first-look pictures

Is Robert about to be left heartbroken?


It’s looking bad for #Robron fans – yes, that is the sight of Aaron Dingle submerged in water during tonight’s dramatic episode of Emmerdale.


ITV’s super soap week will begin with Robert planning to propose to Aaron, but as these newly released images show, he might not get the happy ending he was hoping for.

With at least one character set to die this week, will Robert get his man to the altar or is he to be left heartbroken?

Speaking recently about the underwater stunt, which was filmed at Pinewood Studios, actor Danny Miller said: “It was terrifying. It really was.

“Ryan [Hawley] is very good at underwater stuff and is quite a strong swimmer. But I’m not great underwater and I get quite claustrophobic.”

But Miller was happy to put his life in the hands of the expert divers who handle the underwater choreography:

“The diving team at Pinewood were unbelievable. They looked after us and we never felt unsafe at any point. Our director Duncan Foster knew what he wanted, so he didn’t leave us under the water any longer than we needed to be.”

Watch a 60-second rundown of all this week’s drama on Emmerdale below.


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