Emmerdale: Cain and Charity to leave after getting shock news about Debbie?

Will the pair really move to France? Actress Emma Atkins reveals all about next week's drama


Cain and Charity look set to quit the village in next week’s Emmerdale when they learn that their daughter Debbie is staying put in France.


Upcoming scenes will see Charity receive a call from Debbie, who breaks the news that she has no intention of returning to the UK.

“Charity’s upset,” explains actress Emma Atkins, “it’s always going to hurt a mother when their daughter rings and says she’s staying in a different country. It’s a real shame, but Charity understands Debbie’s decision. It’s the kind of thing Charity would do, so she admires her show of independence.”

However, Charity’s sense of hurt is nothing compared to Cain’s, who wastes no time in venting his anger once he gets wind of Debbie’s plans.

Adds Atkins: “Cain goes pretty crazy. He smashes up the garage, which Charity witnesses. So she washes her hands of him and storms off. But he goes after her and they have this huge row at the pub.

“Everything just seems to be going horribly wrong at once – one minute, Cain and Charity are an item, the next he’s giving her the cold shoulder. It’s all feeling quite unstable, so Charity decides to cut her losses and move to France. To her, it seems like a good idea.”

And yet despite the situation between Cain and Charity getting heated (at one point, he even pins her up against a wall!), fans should brace themselves for a heart to heart later next week that results in Cain reconsidering his options.

“They have a heart to heart down by the stream and Charity reveals that it’s time she left the village for good, which throws Cain completely off guard. He then suggests that he goes too and promises Charity that the two of them are for real.

“He wants the two of them to go and live with Debbie and try and make a go of it in France. So Charity’s gobsmacked and over the moon.”

But the thorn in Charity’s side will always be Moira and when Cain breaks the news of his departure to her, there’s a worry that he may well change his mind. “For all her front, Charity is so insecure,” says Atkins. “Underneath all that bravado, she’s a mushy mess. She’s worried that Cain will have a rethink and decide that Moira is the one for him.”

So will Cain and Charity really leave? Is there future together secure? All Emma Atkins will say on the matter is this: “I love working with Jeff Hordley – he’s like a brother to me. I think Cain and Charity are brilliant together – but for how long? They don’t have longevity in them. Where do you take two people who are such damaged goods?”

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