Hollyoaks: DS Armstrong investigates suspects over Patrick’s death – plus Maxine takes a pregnancy test

5-9 September 2016: And Nancy reveals there may be something seriously wrong with her health


Monday 5 September


DS Armstrong interrogates Maxine, certain that she is responsible for Patrick’s death. When Maxine faints during questioning and goes to hospital, Tegan questions whether she might be pregnant. Meanwhile, Ryan tells DS Armstrong that he has a plan to get Warren Fox to open up.


Later, Maxine confides in Adam. They do a pregnancy test but would the father be him or Warren? Warren finds out that Maxine could be pregnant and confronts her, but he and Adam fight. Maxine decides to hand herself in. Armstrong shows Maxine a brooch that was found at Patrick’s woodland grave and asks her who else was involved.

Tuesday 6 September

Jack is suspicious that Darren might be involved with Patrick’s death, and Darren tries to hide his guilt when DS Armstrong asks him to come to the station. At school, Nancy is struggling to control her emotions and panics when she can’t stop her leg from trembling. Back at the Osborne’s, Darren and Jack discover Maxine’s pregnancy test, but think it belongs to Nancy.


Louis has taken Nancy to the hospital and she confides in him that there might be something seriously wrong with her health.

However, Darren calls Armstrong and prepares to tell him the truth, while Nancy has had a light-bulb moment and confronts Nico about the night Patrick died.

Wednesday 7 September

At the station, Armstrong and Ryan discover an unseen video clip on Patrick’s memory stick. They show Nico the video and she becomes their prime suspect. Louis suggests Simone should be Nico’s solicitor, which Nico agrees to but Nico later begs Peri to run away with her. Peri is suspicious when Tom, who is still sick, mentions the aftershave that she got him, which was given to her by Nico.

Nico prepares to tell Peri the whole truth about Patrick…


Thursday 8 September

Warren is stunned when Sienna reveals that she was prepared to help Patrick die. Elsewhere, Ryan explains to Armstrong that he has a link to Warren’s past and can use it to get a confession.

Warren refuses to listen when Grace and Darren tell him about Sienna’s damaged past with Patrick but he starts to wonder whether she could have killed him and suggests to Sienna that they run away together 

Friday 9 September 

Sienna flees a school fundraiser, which is being held in memory of Patrick, when the police arrive. Leela finds her in the woods and is conflicted when Sienna asks for her help to get away.


Sienna eventually goes to the police station. She is being questioned by Armstrong but is floored by some new evidence.