Coronation Street: Michelle’s baby bombshell- she tells Steve she’s pregnant!

But how did he take it? Catch up with all the drama in the latest episode of Corrie on ITV


Steve McDonald’s tricky situation got a whole lot trickier in tonight’s Coronation Street. He is already expecting a baby with Leanne after a recent one-night stand – with some dubbing him ‘the most fertile man in Weatherfield’ – and he isn’t keen for any more children.


Michelle, however, has other ideas and the episode began with her informing Steve about her fertility window and arranging a lunchtime liaison. Mum Liz, who is in the know about her son’s recent exploits, despairs of him, asking: “How have you got yourself into this mess?”

Later, at work, Tim tells Steve he should fess up and let Michelle know he doesn’t want to be a dad again. After all, as he says, “Once she’s pregnant there’s no going back.” Steve hides from the world in his car, pretending he is on a job in Liverpool, so that he can miss his ‘appointment’ with Michelle.

Meanwhile, Michelle downloads a fertility app and realises that she may be pregnant. A test confirms it, but her announcement to Steve doesn’t quite go to plan. He tells her he doesn’t want a baby just before she tells him it’s too late because she’s pregnant. Devastated, she kicks him out and bursts into tears.

Steve apologises, telling her later “I am so on board”, and they are reconciled by the end of the episode.

With the dates of conception being so close together it is entirely possible that Michelle and Leanne will give birth in quick succession. One can only imagine how Steve will cope when each of the two women go into labour.

Leanne doesn’t want the McDonalds to be involved in the baby’s life, while Liz seems keen to be a grandmother. Poor, clueless Michelle may well want to be Leanne’s pregnancy buddy.  Will the truth come out? The future certainly looks set to be very interesting for all involved, for the next nine months and beyond.

Coronation Street returns on Monday at 7.30pm.

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