Hollyoaks: Ste is desperate for meth – plus Tony has second thoughts about leaving

11-15 July 2016: Plus Cleo, Holly and Harry are shocked by developments at their leaving party


Monday 11 July


Ste tries to hide his meth habit from Harry as he prepares for his first day working at The Bean. He’s determined to stay clean, until Cameron offers him some more drugs.

Jade is heartbroken by the spiteful picture Peri has posted of her, while Peri starts to feel guilty. Joe and Mercedes are overwhelmed at being parents to Lexi. Mercedes is annoyed when Joe leaves her alone with the kids and swipes his wallet to get a makeover and a new dress.

Cameron is despairing at Lisa’s lazy attitude at The Tugboat. Both he and Zack agree with Sonia when she calls Lisa a “bone idle brat”, leaving Lisa out for revenge. 

Tuesday 12 July

Zack calls everyone to the village to announce he and Lisa are hosting a leavers’ party on the boat before everyone goes to uni.

Ste panics when he can’t find the drugs he had in his pocket and storms off from the party. A frantic Ste lies to Leela and Tegan that he’s lost his HIV meds and they turn the Lomaxes’ living room upside down, but when Rose suddenly starts being sick, Ste panics that she’s consumed his drugs.

Elsewhere, Peri tries to get into the party on the boat but are knocked back. Cleo, Harry, Holly and Zack are discussing whether to go to HCC instead of their chosen unis..when Peri lets out a blood-curdling scream.

Tony has second thoughts about going to France when he finds out his job is for a junior cook. 

Wednesday 13 July

The police raid The Tugboat. Harry finds Ste curled up on the kitchen floor and realises that he’s back on drugs.

Diane is having last-minute nerves about saying goodbye to Rose. Tegan meets Diane in The Bean and asks her not to go. Tony heads to the Lomaxes’.

Zack, Cleo and Holly are delighted when Lisa tells them she’s booked everyone tickets to Ibiza using money from The Tugboat.

Thursday 14 July

Harry and Tony take Ste to their flat and decide that the best thing to do is to keep him busy but Ste’s withdrawals are getting more painful.

Ste smashes the twins’ piggy bank for money and flees the flat. Harry finds him trying to call his dealer from the phone box. They lock Ste in the house but the pain and sickness is making him angry and desperate to be let out. 

Friday 15 July

Zack offers to help Sonia apply for a foundation course at HCC. Meanwhile, Lisa decides to give The Tugboat a fresh lick of paint and asks Cleo and Holly to help. They end up getting into a music war with Nathan, which results in Cleo spray painting The Dog sign.

Kim is preparing to fight to get her job back and Esther promises to be there holding her hand. However, Grace dumps Curtis on Esther and she’s too swamped at The Bean to be by Kim’s side.


Kim goes to the hospital alone as Esther decides to stand up to Grace, but she ends up pretending to be Grace’s partner to impress a potential child-minder.