Rykard’s dramatic Love Island exit backfires

Love Island's Rykard 'dramatically' ditched the show after his beau Rachel was booted out, only for his steamy antics with another islander to be revealed by host Caroline Flack...


Love Island contest Rykard Jenkins tried so hard to be 2016’s new Romeo, dramatically quitting the show after his beau Rachel Fenton was voted out of the contest last night.


He just needed a valiant steed to hop onto to whisk his Juliet away as he dismissed the ITV2 contest as an irritant that, were he to stay involved, would simply get in the way of his happily ever after. 

Instead, he got a panicked-looking host and no doubt a bunch of producers trying to stop him hopping on the boat ready to carry away two ditched islanders (Daniel Lukakis was also voted out), not three.

Alas, there was just one teeny tiny problem: host Caroline Flack knew Rykard’s secrets. And she told them to Rachel in a pretty epic bit of pie throwing.

Poor Rachel was told that Rykard had in fact got “intimate” with fellow islander Olivia after spending the night in the hideaway with her. He’d kept this info to himself. Well, apart from it being all on camera and admitting it to his mate in the villa. 

Rachel was subsequently told that the public had no doubt voted her out to get her away from Rykard, which is probably not true. We’re usually stirring the trouble up, right? But hey, we’ll take the compliment. 

Rykard is yet to have his say. But Flack did admit Olivia has denied the whole thing ever happened, so there’s a shred of hope for Rachel. Luckily, those savvy people at Love Island have set up a nice table with a bunch of cameras so we can see the whole Rachel/Rykard showdown on tonight’s show. We couldn’t have that happen back in rainy England without us knowing what was said, could we?


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2