Home and Away: Hunter needs emergency surgery – plus Kyle faces jail time

23-27 May 2016: And the gang rally round to help get Matt out of his funk


Monday 23 May


Kyle steadfastly refuses to tell the police about Isla’s involvement in the robbery. Ricky decides to bring the wedding forward and starts to work out how quickly they can pull it off. Zac opens up to Leah that he was involved in a fight in prison and got stabbed. Hunter doubles over in pain during his date with Olivia and stops breathing. 

Tuesday 24 May

Zac is forced to perform emergency surgery on Hunter to save his life, but he is haunted by memories of the prison attack. Skye teases VJ when she realises that he has a crush on Billie. Greg finds out that Zac was in prison with his son, Wayne, and wonders why he has kept the information secret. 

Wednesday 25 May

Zac reaches breaking point and finally admits to Leah that he needs help. VJ asks Skye to pretend to be a couple to get Billie’s attention, but she remains blissfully unaware. Ash discovers that it was Dylan who trashed the garage and the pair have a stand-off. 

Thursday 26 May

The gang rally round to help get Matt out of his funk, but Maddy’s attempt to defend him on social media backfires and she starts to receive abusive and threatening messages online. Ash berates Kat for resuming her relationship with Dylan, but they fail to notice Emerson walk in and he hears everything – the affair has been exposed. 


Friday 27 May

Dylan loses his cool when Kat is taken off the Charlotte King murder investigation after Emerson reports their relationship to the Superintendent. Matt is devastated and blames himself when he finds out about Maddy’s cyber bullies. Ricky is distraught when she learns that Kyle will be going to jail tries to move the wedding forward.