Neighbours: debut of Charlene’s daughter Madison to mirror Kylie’s original entrance

Actress Sarah Ellen reveals all about her Erinsborough arrival


Neighbours fans will find history repeating itself next week when Madison Robinson (Sarah Ellen) makes her debut in the exact same way as screen mum Charlene (Kylie Minogue) did back in 1986.


A scene to be broadcast on Channel 5 on Friday 22nd April will see Madison caught breaking in to No 24 Ramsay Street and punching her brother Daniel in the mouth – a confrontation that has very definite echoes of the way that Charlene her greeted future husband Scott.

Speaking about her arrival on the Australian soap, actress Sarah Ellen told “Madison’s first scene is a bit heated. We had a stunt man on set because it’s quite an entrance. And yes, I can say that it’s quite similar to how Kylie arrived.”


Madison (Sarah Ellen) arrives with a bang next week


On the topic of following in Kylie’s footsteps, Ellen added: “Kylie is on another level to anyone else in Australia. She’s a superstar and her level of success is a dream for me. I feel incredibly privileged and lucky to be playing her daughter.”

News of Sarah Ellen’s casting broke in February with a photo of her standing with pop sensation Kylie going viral. Offering her congratulations, the singer said:

“Congratulations on your first acting job Sarah, and welcome to the neighbourhood!

“A lot has changed since I was in Neighbours, but I have no doubt the family spirit of the cast and crew remains the same. Have a great time. Oh, and Charlene says, ‘Don’t forget to let me know you arrived safely.​'”


Revealing how the photo opportunity came about, Ellen said to RT: “I met Kylie a few months ago – before she knew I was going to play her on-screen daughter. It was taken at the ARIAs – the Australian Music Awards. On the red carpet, there was a lot of hustle and bustle and I just went up to Kylie, told her I was a big fan of her work and got a quick selfie. She was extremely nice.

“And when everything was announced, I guess she remembered me and reached out on social media to offer her congratulations. She didn’t need to do any of that. But she did and she’s been so supportive.”

You can watch Kylie Minogue’s original debut as Charlene below.


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