Neighbours: Tom gets close to Aaron, while Amy proposes to Kyle

14-18 March 2016: Plus Nene makes some questionable choices when treating Jimmy’s injury


Monday 14 March


Xanthe is mortified when she realises that she is responsible for the food poisoning. Paul is delighted when Sonya awards the hosting of Citizen of the Year to Robinsons. Piper reveals her history with Brodie and confesses that he was her first love. Nene intercepts an email to Karl from an old nursing colleague. 

Tuesday 15 March

Nene hesitates when Jimmy hurts his arm in a game of backyard cricket and makes some questionable treatment choices. Things heat up between Piper and Brodie and get more complicated when Terese invites him to live with them. Paul digs deep to help Steph find dirt on Phillipa Hoyland. 

Wednesday 16 March

Steph wrestles over whether to play dirty and contact Phillippa’s ex-husband, just as Lucas Fitzgerald is called in as a witness. Nene manufactures a crisis with Doug in order to impress Karl. Amy is torn when she discovers a card that Georgia sent to Kyle telling him that she wants him back. 

Thursday 17 March

Scared of what will happen if he speaks to Georgia, Amy spontaneously proposes to Kyle. Paige feels threatened by Mark’s new friendship with Steph. Tom asks Aaron to send him a list of people who oppose the Lassiter’s development. Imogen admits that she is attracted to Tyler. 


Friday 18 March

Daniel asks Imogen to move in with him, but her response is lukewarm and she admits she has feelings for Tyler. Aaron snaps a photo of the complainants to the Quill development and sends it to Tom. Brad is given a stark reminder of Doug’s condition when he emerges from a nap with no idea who Brad is.