EastEnders: did Claudette kill Henry Hubbard?

And has she now also murdered Gavin Sullivan?


Is Claudette Hubbad set to become as prolific a killer as Nick Cotton? It’s the question EastEnders fans will no doubt be asking this evening now that she’s whacked villainous Gavin Sullivan with a candelabra.


The attack came mere minutes after Gavin accused Claudette of having done away with her husband Henry back in 1981, thus appearing to solve the mystery of what happened to Vincent’s dad.

Tense scenes saw Gavin say to Claudette: “He weren’t a bad bloke, your Henry. Harmless. Takes a cold heart to kill a man like that. Tell me, how did you do it?”

Gavin then suggested that Claudette might have killed her husband in self defence, before she countered with a suggestion that she could have poisoned Henry.

One thing’s for certain though, if you cross Claudette, you’re likely to come off the worse for wear. Instead of paying Gavin to keep silent, Claudette ended up snapping and striking her blackmailer across the back of the head!

Dedicated fans of the BBC1 soap know that Claudette’s son Vincent has been labouring under the impression that his dad was killed by Phil Mitchell’s father Eric over Christmas 1981 and that his body ended up in concrete on a construction site.

But festive episodes of the BBC1 soap saw Phil disabuse him of that notion when he claimed that Henry wasn’t killed but had instead done a runner.

Now, though, Gavin’s ominous words could well change things forever in the Hubbard household, especially for Vincent, whose own recollections of that pivotal night involve sitting at the top of the stairs at home listening in while Claudette argued with Henry.

Speaking recently to RadioTimes.com about the possibility of Claudette having murdered Henry, Richard Blackwood said: 

“If it turned out that Claudette killed Henry then the viewers would be thinking that EastEnders was taking it to another level. Because, usually, it’s the men on the show who are that way inclined and who’d commit those kind of crimes.”

Tomorrow’s episodes will see further revelations come to light, with Blackwood promising that viewers won’t be left disappointed:

“People are going to be on their phones saying to their friends, ‘are you seeing what’s happening?’ It’s not one to miss. The Hubbards can’t ever be the same again,” said the Walford star.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of the rest of this week’s drama below.


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