Steven Moffat finally reveals the fate of the Doctor’s daughter – sort of

Peter Capaldi says that the Doctor, "hasn't forgotten about Jenny," while Steven Moffat tells us what happened after she blasted off into space...

Whatever happened to Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter? That’s the question fans have been asking since 2008’s The Doctor’s Daughter, where Georgia Moffet’s character seemed to blast off into space never to be seen again. Has the Doctor just forgotten about her? 


No so, according to Peter Capaldi. He’s just a bit busy. Responding to a fan’s question at the Doctor Who Festival, he said that, “The Doctor never forgets about anyone, but there are a lot people – a lot of time and space – and he hasn’t got time to deal with everyone at every moment of the day. No, he hasn’t forgotten about her.”

But, of course, that doesn’t answer the question of what she’s up to now. Luckily showrunner Steven Moffat, who was actually responsible for the plot twist of Jenny being alive at the end of The Doctor’s Daughter, was on hand to clear things up. 

“I’ve got Russell T Davies’ answer. Apparently it was me that kept her alive, because I said – when I heard about the idea – ‘Oh don’t kill her at the end, that’s the Star Trek thing to do.’ So he kept her alive just because I said that. And I wrote to him after and said, ‘well I didn’t know that I did that,’ and he said, ‘oh it doesn’t matter, Steven, she flew straight into a moon!”


So there you go: the fate of the Doctor’s daughter, who immediately flew into a moon and died. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it’s canon.