Home and Away: Marilyn is taken to hospital after being electrocuted, while Phoebe is shocked to find out who is the father of her baby

2-6 November 2015: Plus Charlotte orders Hunter to leave Summer Bay

Monday 2 November


Marilynʼs former actions may ruin her and Johnʼs chances of fostering a baby. Hannah and Chris encourage each other to pursue their dream jobs. Kyle, Ash and Phoebe are shellshocked when they discover that Kyle is the father of Phoebeʼs baby. Ash tells Phoebe that he cannot deal with having Kyleʼs child and breaks up with her. 

Tuesday 3 November

John tries to comfort Marilyn after a disastrous meeting with the social worker, but she rules out fostering once and for all. Charlotte pleads with Hunter to keep his mood swings under control. Kyle comforts Phoebe after finding out that Ash has broken up with her. Marilyn is electrocuted at the diner after Hunter breaks in and spills some water near an electricity cable. 

Wednesday 4 November

Leah and Roo find a lifeless Marilyn on the floor of the diner and take her to hospital, but the doctors do not know if she will ever wake up. When Hunter finds out that his robbery led to Marilynʼs electrocution he wants to hand himself in, but Charlotte orders him to leave Summer Bay instead. Sparks fly when Evelyn meets a hot paddle boarder on the beach. 

Thursday 5 November

Kat is shocked when she finds out that Nate and Ricky slept with each other. When Josh sees Evelyn out on a date with Tank he tries to warn her about him, but she tells him to stop interfering. When Roo suggests a trip to visit Jamesʼ parents, his excuses make her suspicious, but when she questions him about it he panics and asks Roo to move in with him. 


Friday 6 November

Kat throws a drink over Ricky. When Ricky tries to apologise the next morning she ignores her and drives off, still over the legal limit. Things look positive for Phoebe and the baby as Ash and Kyle make amends, but then her symptoms take a bad turn. Roo is excited about taking the next step with James.