Alya to get a pregnancy shock, reveals Coronation Street star Sair Khan

A tearful Alya will confide in Sinead that she had a recent one-night stand with Jason Grimshaw

Alya Nazir will be left fearing that she’s pregnant in the wake of her recent one-night stand with Jason Grimshaw. But can she keep the truth from her boyfriend Gary Windass?


“She’s already sick with worry about Gary finding out about Jason. So when she starts to think that she could be pregnant, she realises that Gary will find out and that everyone would then know what she did,” says Sair Khan. “She’s really struggling to keep it together at work because of these concerns.”

Scenes to be shown on Friday 31 July will see Alya decide to take a pregnancy test in the loos at Underworld in order to get an answer. But what will she do if she finds out that she is actually pregnant?

“She needs to know because she’s been driving herself mad. She wants to do it in the pub, but something gets in the way, so she ends up taking it at Underworld and she knows she just has to get it out of the way.

“She can’t bear to think about what she’ll do if she is pregnant. All she can think about is taking the test – that’s as far as she can go at the minute. Otherwise it would be too much.”

In true soap fashion though, there are unexpected repercussions when Beth finds the pregnancy test in a bin at Underworld and – along with Sean – starts to wonder who it belongs to. Thankfully, Alya gets help from another of her factory colleagues.

“Yes, Beth finds it and starts to parade it about on the factory floor demanding to know whose it is. Alya’s mortified because she thinks she’s been rumbled,” explains Khan. “Sinead, though, is very perceptive and can see from Alya’s reaction that the test is hers. So Sinead covers and pretends that it’s hers and there’s a slight look that the two girls share. Sinead can see in Alya’s eyes that Alya is desperate to keep it a secret.”

In the end, Alya will be seen having a private heart to heart with Sinead, where she breaks down and confesses to having had a fling with Jason. “She just can’t keep it to herself any longer. She has to tell someone,” says the actress.

But with Gary unexpectedly within earshot of the confession, will the truth end up coming out anyway?

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