Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

2-6 February: Karl is rushed to hospital after drinking from a water bottle containing toxic chemicals

Monday 2 February


Sonya and Toadie try to help mend Erinʼs relationship with her estranged daughter Cat, but emotions run high and Sonya manages to make a mess of their meeting. Knowing that it is not what Nate wants, Chris tells Lucy that he cannot be the father of her child. Lauren is concerned that the Turner children will not invest their windfall responsibly and negotiations between them break down. 

Tuesday 3 February

Erin lashes out at Sonya and Toadie, accusing them of deliberately undermining her rapport with daughter Cat. Paige does not agree with Baileyʼs decision to stop the sale of the house, and tension between the pair mounts. A spontaneous romantic encounter between Terese and Brad leads to the accidental spillage of a toxic chemical, and his attempt to clean up by storing it in a water bottle proves hazardous when Karl picks it up by mistake. 

Wednesday 4 February

A dodgy businessman approaches Naomi with a bribe after he fails in his efforts to sponsor the Erinsborough Festival. Susan is traumatised when Karl is rushed to hospital after swallowing poisonous resin, and finds it difficult to forgive Brad for his near-fatal blunder. After getting to know Lucy a little better, a guilt-ridden Nate decides that life is too short and tells Chris to go ahead and father her baby. 

Thursday 5 February

Brennan urges Naomi to go to the police, but she decides to handle Dimato herself. Lucy is thrown when she discovers that Chris has not told his parents about their baby plans, but she has a bigger shock in store for him when she suggests that they try self-insemination instead of a course of IVF. Susan is unimpressed with Brad when Terese comes to her on his behalf to ask about the possibility of him taking holiday. 

Friday 6 February


Brennan decides to take matters into his own hands. In an attempt to win Amber over, Josh gives her a roll of film that he found while cleaning up, but they are in for a shock when the film is processed and a dead body is seen in the background. Sonya encourages Cat and Erin to spend more time together and the pair bond playing cricket.