DiscoverTV FAQs

Frequently asked questions about DiscoverTV

Is the app available in all countries?

The app is no longer available for download. If you are a current app user, it should still work unless you have upgraded to iOS 13.


Can I use the app in landscape?

The listings are available in landscape for ease of viewing.

How do I find recommendations?

RadioTimes’ latest recommendations can be found in the 10 Best Today, 5 Best Free Films, 10 On-Demand, 10 Best Catch-Up, and Coming Soon sections.

What content does the app cover?

RadioTimes’ latest recommendations for great TV to watch, and a listings grid so that you can find your favourite shows.

Does it cost anything?

The app is free.

How do I change between TV and Radio Listings?

At the moment they are in one list but may be separated in a future update.

Does it work offline?

At the moment it relies on a connection, but offline functionality could be added in a future update.

The Listings grid seems to be frozen/keeps crashing, what can I do?

Make sure you’re using the latest version of the app, and send us feedback if the problem continues.

Where are recommendations from?

They are chosen by the RadioTimes editorial team.


How do I set/change my region (for regional listings)?

Use the settings icon to open up the settings menu, and select the ‘Set TV Provider & Region’ option.

How do I set/change my TV channel package? (so listings only displays channels I can access e.g. Sky)?

Use the settings icon to open up the settings menu, and select the ‘Set TV Provider & Region’ option.

What’s Favourite-ing all about and how do I do it?

Selecting a programme as a favourite will highlight it in the TV listings, and add it to your Watchlist if you are logged in to the app.

Why can’t I customise my channels?

Channel customisation isn’t available yet.

What notifications will I receive?

In accordance with our privacy policy you may receive push alerts or emails from RadioTimes and Immediate Media.

How can I manage or stop the notifications I receive?

You can manage your account and mailings at


Can I turn the ads off?

No – to keep the app free we need to have ads to support it.

How do I contact support?