Neighbours vs Zombies sees Ramsay Street’s finest battle the undead for survival

The new web series features Karl and Susan Kennedy and Paul Robinson as they fight for their lives in a very creepy Erinsborough

“Neighbours, everybody eats their neighbours, it’s a little supernatural…” No, we’ve not been riffing with the famous Aussie soap’s opening titles – those lyrics really do form part of a new web series which sees a zombie apocalypse hit Ramsay Street. 


Neighbours vs Zombies was launched today on Neighbours’ YouTube channel and features the likes of dearly departed Drew Kirk (Dan Paris), Stingray Timmins (Ben Nicholas) and David Bishop (Kevin Harrington).

The unlikely plot twist is all part of the Skip Ahead programme – a $400,000 incentive for online creatives – awarded to 26-year-old Louna Maroun who’s masterminded the Neighbours’ encounter with the corpses of past characters. 

Maroun appears in the newly-released Part 1 as Hope, a vlogger who comes face-to-face with a pale and ghostly-looking Stingray who died back in 2007. Robbo Slade is also among the Erinsborough dead to reappear after he was killed in a hit and run last year. 

But the deceased aren’t the only ones to appear in the spooky spin-off released just in time for Halloween. Today’s episode sees Toadie and Sonya make a gruesome discovery, with Karl and Susan Kennedy and Paul Robinson slated to appear later in the series. 

Intrigued? Of course you are, so here’s the very first episode…


And if you want a glimpse of what else is in store, take a look at the zombie-tastic trailer below: