Coronation Street spoilers: Todd to sustain horrific facial injuries, reveals Sue Cleaver

Eileen can't help but feel guilty after her son is the victim of a vicious mugging

Todd Grimshaw (Bruno Langley) is to pay a heavy price for his family’s snub when he’s attacked by a gang of youths and left with severe facial injuries.


Scenes to be shown on Friday 7 November, will see Todd’s mum Eileen (Sue Cleaver) back out of plans to go for dinner with her son after Jason (Ryan Thomas) warns her that he’ll only break her heart again.

But as a downbeat Todd walks alone in a darkened side street, he’s set upon and mugged and lies battered until a passer-by calls an ambulance. Later, Eileen will be seen arriving at the hospital and becoming wracked with guilt for abandoning Todd. But will he accept her apology? Actress Sue Cleaver, who plays Eileen, gives us some hints as to what lies ahead:

So, how’s Eileen been feeling since the big fall-out with Todd over Tyrone’s loft conversion?
She is so mad at him. She’s just washed her hands of him – she has always given him chances before, given him the benefit of the doubt, but not this time. 

Do you think she’s right to have shut him out like she has?
I think she’s been very tolerant for so long that she has been left with no alternative. If I knew her, I’m not sure how I would advise her, and I am not sure I would do what she’s done. She has just seen red – the mist has come down and she has reached the end of her tether.

Has he shown any signs of wanting to make things up with her?
He does want to make things up to her, but she’s heard his lies so many times before that she is really wary of his fake promises. She’s frightened of believing him and letting him back in to hurt her again.

Does she feel torn between the two boys?
She has in the past, but at the moment Jason is the golden boy. The tables have completely turned – it was always Todd who was successful and Jason was the one who was always the underdog and got it wrong. Now Jason has got a business, is in a relationship and is sorted. And Todd almost lost him all that. So it’s complete role reversal.

How does Eva encourage them to sort things out? What happens?
She’s pleased that Eva has ensured Todd is not out on his ear, but Eileen is adamant that she’s not in the mood to make herself vulnerable again.

How does she feel about the prospect of having dinner with Todd? How does Jason interfere?
She does finally agree, but it’s Jason who reminds her of what he’s done and that he’s a game player. So she’s convinced into not going to the meal. 

How do Eileen and Jason react when they hear Todd’s been attacked?
She is absolutely consumed with guilt and horror that this needn’t have happened. She said she would go for the meal and she didn’t turn up. If she had turned up, this wouldn’t have happened. It is a mother’s worst nightmare. He’s in a terrible state, he has horrific facial injuries and he is so angry.

Where do they go from here? What are the chances of sorting things?
After this, she is going to gather them all into the fold. Her guilt will probably result in her making bad decisions because she feels so guilty. It will be all about Todd and getting him well, but she will want the family to unite again.

Can the Grimshaws ever be a happy family again?
Eileen would like to think that they will be, but she has no idea of the resentment that Todd is now harbouring and what he might have up his sleeve. Todd could be more dangerous now than ever and no one will know!

What advice would you give Eileen in this situation?
You would just have to tell her to be there for her son. I would tell her that she can’t blame herself, but she will always blame herself every time she looks at his scars.

Can Todd ever change?
This could possibly change him, but not necessarily for the better. The scars are on the outside but the damage on the inside is going to be much worse.


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes below: