Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

13-17 October: Josh and Evelyn are cornered by three of Andy’s dealer’s thugs. Will Andy be welcome upon his return?


Monday 13 October


John’s daughter unexpectedly arrives in town three weeks before the wedding and John is forced to tell her that he has a foster son. A gruesome package is just the start of the Braxtons’ troubles when three thugs arrive at the house and corner Josh and Evelyn. 

Tuesday 14 October

When Hannah learns that Josh and Evelyn have been kidnapped, she is livid and decides to call the police. Andy arrives back just in time to stop her, however, and they hand over the money he owes to the drug dealers. He also reveals that he has made back enough to repay his debt to Brax. This is not good enough for Josh, who threatens to cut Andy out of his life altogether. John finally tells Jett that he has a daughter, Shandi. 

Wednesday 15 October

Phoebe finds out that Ricky and Brax are trying for a baby and cannot keep the secret to herself. Leah, feeling sheepish about Zac’s total lack of romantic interest in her, tries to avoid him even as he keeps asking her about her vacant spare room. Nate reveals to Sophie that he is worried about their relationship failing a second time. Sasha confesses to Sophie that Matt wrote her poem. 

Thursday 16 October

Ricky confronts Brax about letting their secret out, which in turn causes trouble between Kyle and Phoebe. The poem scandal has further ramifications for Sasha when Zac tells her that he cannot trust her and that he may have to fail her. A worried Spencer goes to Maddy for help when he learns that Oscar is back at the gym and working out constantly. 

Friday 17 October


When Oscar is found on the beach, exhausted, Maddy enlists Andy to find out what is bothering him. Hannah, however, still will not forgive herself for believing that Andy had changed. When John comes home to find Jett cooking, he and Marilyn wonder what has suddenly inspired this good behaviour. Roo, Marilyn and Irene start their bridal bootcamp sessions.