Coronation Street spoilers: There’s so much chemistry between Alya and Gary, says actress Sair Khan

"I'd like to think that they'd make a good couple," adds the star

The romantic tensions between Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) and Gary Windass (Mikey North) look set to bubble over in the weeks to come. But what will they do about their feelings for each other?


In scenes set to be shown on Monday 6 October, Gary and Alya flirt with each other as work begins on turning the butcher’s shop into a community centre. Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar) will also be seen inviting Gary to join the family for their Eid celebrations.

Later on, Gary and Alya are waiting at the bus stop when she suddenly steps in for a kiss. Is Alya wanting to move their relationship on? Or will her concerns about them being from different cultures end up complicating matters? Actress Sair Khan tells us more:

So how has Alya been dealing with her feelings for Gary?
They have been clearing out the old Butchers in preparation for the community centre, so they’ve been hanging out together quite a bit. Before this point, they’ve only ever bumped into each other occasionally, so the flirting between them has been quietly bubbling underneath the surface. Seeing him again properly and spending more time with him in the community centre has reignited their spark. Before then, she’s been able to bury it because she hasn’t spent that much time with him.

Why is she so drawn to him? What is it about him that she likes?
There was just an instant attraction between them and I don’t think you can always put your finger on what it is. Sometimes you have a chemistry with someone and you don’t know why. There’s something between them that should be explored and she knows that. 

How does she read his feelings towards her?
Sometimes she does think that he perhaps feels the same and she does get the vibe that he fancies her. They are very similar in a way – they have the same humour and they don’t take any crap from anyone, so they are quite equal in that sense. His feelings probably develop in the same way as hers do – when they start to spend time together. Sometimes Alya thinks that she could wrap him around her little finger, but then he’ll take her by surprise and she’ll realise he’s got a mind of his own. She likes that about him. 

Has Alya decided to keep her distance from him for one reason or another?
She’s concerned about mixing Gary with her family – Zeedan invites him round for dinner to the house and it throws her. So even though she wants to keep her distance, she can’t deny that they get on so well and it’s inevitable that their worlds will collide. 

Do you think she feels guilty about Izzy and Jake?
She was really worried about it at first. When she found out Gary was still with Izzy when he met her, she was really angry and shocked that he could do that. Now she knows the history and she knows that the relationship wasn’t going well anyway and that what he did wasn’t anything to do with her. Izzy herself has said she doesn’t want to get back with Gary, so she doesn’t feel like she’s getting in the way of a reunion or anything like that. 

Alya and Gary end up kissing on the Street. What leads them up to that?
Throughout the evening, when Gary is round having dinner, they sit next to each other and things are heating up between them. The chemistry is just so evident. He goes to leave and he leaves his jumper so Alya, being gallant, runs after him to give it him back. It’s one of those things where they are suddenly alone, they’ve spent all day together and have had a great time and the time feels right. 

How does she feel after the kiss?
The lead-up to the kiss is amazing; they are both really excited with anticipation. Then the kiss is great, but then she snaps back to reality and realises they are kissing in public and she’s so close to home, so she leaves him quite quickly. After that, she feels quite awkward and there are a few things that make her question how right the kiss was…the next day she’s walking down the Street and she sees Gary with Izzy and Jake and it makes her wonder how right they would be together. Alya ponders what he can offer her and how it might be tricky as he’s a father and yet she’s only just come out of university. 

Is she worried about how her family would react?
There are so many awkward factors that come with it. Gary’s supposed to be Alya’s dad’s best friend for one. He’s not just some random man – he’s a man that her dad knows very very well. The fact that he’s got a child and has just come out of a relationship would probably trouble some members of her family and it’s probably not what they’d want for her, having come fresh from uni. Alya’s family probably see her being with someone more well suited to her, someone with a similar background. There are so many things going against them.

Do you think they’d make a good couple?
Oooh, I don’t know. I’d like to think that they would! There’s a lot going against them but there’s so much chemistry there, so maybe that would be enough. 


And how are you settling in at Corrie?
I’m settling in so well. I’m loving it. Now the rest of the Nazirs are here we’ve really had a chance to bond and work together. I’m not the new girl anymore! Having a family unit to work with has been great.