Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

28 July-1 Aug: John asks Marilyn to marry him, while Kyle confronts an intruder at the Braxton house

Monday 28 July


Phoebe, deciding not to live her life in fear, returns to the Bay. A frustrated Kyle searches for her at the house but encounters an intruder instead, who attacks and leaves him for dead. Bianca plucks up the courage to tell Heath that she wants him back. Zac asks Bianca if he can go back to work as his drinking is under control.

Tuesday 29 July

Heath offers to take Bianca away for the weekend but some important news stops her in her tracks. Casey desperately tries to avoid Denny. Is he willing to put his true feelings aside to prevent more trouble? Evie’s attempt to help Oscar when he has a panic attack only makes things worse and a miscommunication between John and Marilyn upsets Jett. Brax gives Kyle an ultimatum. Casey rescues Kyle, but the intruder’s identity remains unknown. 

Wednesday 30 July

The appearance in the Bay of Sophie, Nate’s ex- wife, causes ructions for Ricky and Leah. Nate confronts her and she admits that she still loves him. He confesses that he feels the same but says that they can never get back together. Casey lies to Denny about his feelings for her. Oscar reacts badly when he receives his sentence. 

Thursday 31 July

Evie is desperate to help Oscar but, confused by the verdict, he pushes her away. She goes to Spencer to offload her worries and is moved by his caring response. Josh cannot bring himself to tell Maddy how he feels about studying and she becomes annoyed with him when he lies about what he is up to. Marilyn is livid when she hears John refer to her as his wife. 

Friday 1 August


Marilyn has a surprise in store for John when she puts on a lavish spread and proposes to him. However, the tables are turned when he gives his reply. Josh confides to Sasha that he feels that he is in Maddy’s shadow, so she offers to tutor him. Upset by John and Marilyn’s bickering, Jett takes Alf’s boat out, even though it is not yet seaworthy.