Coronation Street spoilers: Marcus makes a move on Todd, reveals Bruno Langley

"Todd’s way of thinking is that he’s saving Marcus from wrong, and in the long run he thinks he’s doing Maria a favour too!"


Viewers will see Todd Grimshaw finally get his man next week as Marcus Dent (Charlie Condou) gives in to his desires. But how does Todd feel about coming between Marcus and Maria (Samia Ghadie)? And is Todd really in love with the object of his affection? Actor Bruno Langley tells us more:


So, has Todd been biding his time with Marcus ever since he was told to back off following their close encounter?
He’s definitely set his sights on Marcus. Todd is going after one thing and one thing only at the minute. He’s not really been going out into town, he’s been staying close to home so he can keep an eye on everything. So I guess he has been biding his time. Todd is someone who knows what he wants and won’t stop until he gets it – never mind the consequences. 

Do you think that Todd genuinely wants Marcus? Or is it more about proving a point?
No, I think Todd definitely does want him. He likes the challenge and the chase, that’s for sure. Todd is genuinely attracted to Marcus and sometimes that’s all it takes.

But would the attraction be as strong if Marcus just turned around and said he wanted him too?
It might change the dynamics slightly, but I think Todd would say, “right, let’s go for it then!” I don’t think he’d waste any time.

What about Maria – Todd isn’t taking her feelings into consideration, is he?
Yes and no. Todd has a bit of a warped way of thinking – he reckons that by persuading Marcus, he’d be doing everyone a favour. Ultimately, Todd is willing to sacrifice other people’s happiness for his own desires.

He just keeps saying he’s doing it for Marcus, because Todd is adamant that Marcus is just living a lie. He feels as though he’s helping them all out – he believes that if Marcus doesn’t fall for him, he’ll fall for someone else eventually.

Why is he angry when he hears that Maria and Marcus are thinking of buying a house together?
He’s not angry about it, it’s jealousy more than anything. Todd is exasperated fact that Marcus can’t see he’s making a mistake with Maria and that he should be with him instead.

Todd had had his own place in London, but now he’s back in Weatherfield and stuck in his mum’s box room, so Marcus and Maria’s independence and life together makes him quite frustrated. He doesn’t like to see other people happy when he’s not.

He tells Marcus that he has an estate-agent friend – is that a lie?
It’s a complete lie. It’s all just so he can converse with him. Todd isn’t stupid, he knows what he’s doing!

Why does he offer to babysit for them – what’s his motive?
He offers to babysit because he wants to get in there with Marcus: again it’s another way in which he can have contact and conversation with him. He makes the offer quite quickly, but once he’s there he hatches a plan to make it work to his advantage.

We see Todd interrupting Macus and Maria’s Valentine’s meal with the lie that Liam has had a bad dream – what happens when Maria rushes home?
Maria goes home with Liam and leaves Marcus in the Bistro with Todd. Marcus is definitely growing suspicious, but he’s also quite flattered by the attention. Todd is a good flirt and Marcus can’t help but entertain it slightly before he remembers himself.

When we witness Todd telling Marcus a sob story about his father – is that all part of his seduction tactic?
Yes, I’d say so. That’s not to say that there aren’t issues there because I think there are, for whatever reason…but he’s definitely playing on it for Marcus’s benefit.

Todd tells Sean that he’s in love with someone else, but how true is that?
It all depends what Todd’s perception of love is! I don’t think he’s in love with Marcus. He’s lustful but probably not in love. Again, Todd is clever and everything he does has a motive behind it. He knows Sean won’t keep his mouth shut and that that information will soon be out there. It’s manipulation.

Can Todd tell that Marcus is becoming increasingly attracted to him?
Todd is reeling him in slowly but surely. His mind games are definitely working. Todd knows exactly what he’s doing – he’s using all he has to get Marcus. He knows what works. Todd is so confident; this all comes quite naturally to him.

We see Todd leave his phone behind – does he do this on purpose so that Marcus will return it?
Yes, he’s using it as another excuse to see Marcus again. It’s also a test because, technically, Marcus could have just left the phone with Jason in the Rovers, but he doesn’t. He goes round to the house and hands it to him personally. I think that speaks volumes to Todd.

So who ends up making the first move?
Marcus. The scene is all about Todd pushing him and pushing him until Marcus caves.

Does he have any conscience about what he’s doing?
I think Todd has a reason for doing what he’s doing. Todd was going to marry Sarah and have children, but he knew it wasn’t right and he was just getting swept up in it all. In a way he can see the same pattern happening with Marcus, so Todd’s quite adamant when he tells Marcus that he’s doing the wrong thing.

Todd’s way of thinking is that he’s saving Marcus from wrong, and in the long run he thinks he’s doing Maria a favour too! But from Eileen’s point of view he’s breaking up a family. He has a completely different way of thinking – he can’t understand why people can’t see it. He goes about it all the wrong way.


What about Liam though? Marcus plans to adopt him, so does Todd not feel remorseful about that?
Again, Todd thinks that the sooner he can rescue Marcus, the better for everyone all round. He’s sure that if Marcus doesn’t fall for him, he’ll end up leaving Maria in the future anyway – so the longer he leaves it, the worse it will be for everyone all round.