Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

21-25 January: It's the day of Kirsty and Tyrone's wedding in Weatherfield. Meanwhile, someone gets a slap in full view of the Woolpack regulars in Emmerdale...



Rishi has warned his son Jai time and again to keep his emotions in check, but the message clearly isn’t getting through. And after witnessing Sam getting close to Rachel and Jai’s son Archie, the bon-bon boss goes ballistic and gets a slap in full view of the Woolpack regulars. Next thing we know, Jai’s off to lick his wounds in France with Charity warning that she might not be there for him when he gets back. Could this be the end?


Kirsty — with her rat-tail hair extensions, pouting lips and hoop earrings that look like they were forged during the Olympics opening ceremony — has made quite an impact since she arrived. But with those divorce papers finally signed, it looks like she’s about to leave Max’s life forever. Lexi is also set for a trip away from the Square as Phil decides to take her to Cornwall for a holiday. It’s news that sends Lola loopy with rage.

Coronation Street


Has there ever been a more reluctant groom than Tyrone? He loathes his bride-to-be and is only going through with the wedding to get parental rights over Ruby. But will Kirsty smell a rat before the ink has dried on the marriage papers? Someone who definitely has gullible written all over her is Gail, who goes gooey-eyed over Lewis’s offer of a life in Naples. A fool and their money are easily parted — and history shows Gail is more foolish than most when it comes to the plans of fellas.