Soap pick of the day: Emmerdale – Katie falls down a disused mineshaft

There's high drama for the Maceys in tonight's double bill

Declan has a problem: can he ever bring himself to trust Katie again after learning that she set Robbie up on CCTV? 


The trouble is that he may not have much time with his new wife left! In the midst of an argument at Home Farm, Declan hares off on his quad bike with Katie in hot pursuit. 

But after Declan’s bike runs out of petrol, Katie bitterly heads back home on hers, leaving Declan to walk. Next thing he knows, Katie has crashed and fallen – quad bike and all – down a disused mineshaft. 

In tonight’s second episode, the situation worsens after Declan tries to reach Katie, only for the ground to begin to crumble away. He tries to reach her by taking his shirt off, but her grip isn’t strong enough and she falls backwards deeper down the hole. 

With Katie’s pleas to stay there with her ringing in his ears, Declan is torn between remaining in situ or dashing off to seek help… 


Emmerdale is on ITV1 at 7.00 and 8.00pm