The Archers: Ambridge Diary – Sunday 4-Friday 9 November

David Brown looks ahead to next week's goings-on in the Radio 4 drama

Fallon is delighted to be managing Jaxx, but finds that personnel issues are soon plaguing her. In the week of bonfire night, it’s quite appropriate that surly Naomi ends up getting a rocket. Kenton, meanwhile, is enjoying settling into his new role behind the bar at the Bull, but has a niggling worry that Jolene is not as pleased as he is with the job swap.


Someone else who’s far from sanguine is Lilian as she has yet another visitor at the Dower House. Invalid James is glad of the company, but his poor old ma will have earned a triple G&T after a nasty (and comic) surprise on Friday leaves her feeling like a stranger in her own home.