Coronation Street’s Michelle Keegan: “I can’t wait to get my hands on the baby bump”

The actress tells us what's in store for Tina, Tommy and the surrogacy deal on next week's Corrie


It’s crunch time for Tina next week on Coronation Street as she must decide whether or not to go ahead with plans to be Izzy and Gary’s surrogate. As the day of the embryo transfer dawns, just how is the young barmaid feeling? 


“Nervous,” says actress Michelle Keegan, who plays Tina. “Having talked about doing this for Izzy and Gary, the reality is starting to hit home now. There is no going back once she is pregnant, but she is determined to go ahead with it.” 

Little does Tina realise though that boyfriend Tommy is still harbouring a great deal of resentment as regards the surrogacy deal. Although acting outwardly supportive, he feels that he must put a stop to the plans before it’s too late. So what happens on the day of the appointment at the clinic? 

“Tommy is still blaming himself for what Tina is about to do, but Tina is putting a brave face on it all. 

“He speaks to Rita about how he’s feeling and Rita tells him that he must let Tina know his true feelings before it’s too late. He finally comes clean to her on the way to the clinic, stopping the car and pleading with her to reconsider. Tommy tells Tina that if she insists on going ahead with it, then their relationship is over. 

“She is devastated and knows that this is one of the most important decisions she has ever had to make.” 

It seems that what was once purely a business transaction designed to clear Tommy’s debts has now become something far more emotive. Is it still just about the money for Tina? 

“At the start, for her this was about being able to pay off the debts and she hadn’t really given much thought to the emotional side of it at all,” admits Keegan. “However, as time has gone on, she has started to understand how much it means to Gary and Izzy.

“She’s got to know them better and realises that what she is offering to do is something that will change their lives.”

So after having second thoughts, Tina resolves to go through with the deal, even if it results in Tommy leaving her. Just why is she so determined? 

“Tina’s a very strong character and she doesn’t like being given ultimatums. Tommy put them in this situation in the first place and she’s cross that he is being so judgmental and difficult. 

“But she would be devastated if they split up – she’s has such problems with men and she and Tommy have been through so much already that she thought they could get through anything.” 

Of course, any on-screen pregnancy would mean Keegan having to spend her filming days wearing a prosthetic baby bump. Is that a prospect that the actresses relishes or dreads? 


“Now, that is the bit I am really excited about. When Natalie [Gumede] was wearing the bump as Kirsty, I kept stroking it and I was a bit jealous. It’s hanging up in wardrobe now and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!”