If you've been playing through the new Fortnite challenges related to the Indiana Jones skin that arrived in yesterday's update, it won't be long before you're told to "find the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines".


This being a secret door means that it is not particularly easy to find, so you've come to the right place for some help to locate the secret door and progress through this challenge. We can't all be pro archeologists that solve puzzles easily!

Finding the secret door will help you unlock the Indy's Dustoff emote, and it'll also get you one step closer to earning the Indiana Jones skin itself. Keep on reading to learn where to look!

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Fortnite secret door location and how to find it

To find the secret door in Fortnite, the first thing you need to do is get yourself over to Shuffled Shrines. This point of interest is located in the south-east quadrant of the island (also known as the bottom right).

Once you're at Shuffled Shrines, you need to find four rune-like symbols, which are scattered around this area on little shrines.

Here's an important note: these symbols change regularly, but the shrines will stay in a similar place. Basically, you'll need to check these runes every time you want to access the hidden area.

If you're struggling to find the shrines with the symbols, we'd highly recommend following this video guide:

When you've noted which four symbols are currently showing, head to the entrance of the nearby temple and put the same symbols on the shrines there. This is essentially an access code that will get you into the main chamber.

Once you're inside, head to the golden relic at the end of the corridor, watching out for the dangerous floor tiles on your way there (they'll fall away if you linger on them). At the golden relic, take a right and you'll find a cracked piece of wall that is covered in leaves.

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This is the secret door! Smash the part of wall that is covered in greenery and you'll find the hidden passage, complete this particular challenge and get yourself one step closer to that Indy skin. And again, if you get stuck at any point, don't forget to consult the video above.

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