The Rock is in Fortnite once more, but this time around he’s arrived as Black Adam. The Man In Black is now in Fortnite as an unlockable skin and if you’re a fan of DC, The Rock, or the film you’ll be wanting to rep the detailed outfit.


With his cool black cape, the antihero looks to make use of his powers somehow and even looks as though he can hover based on the reveal video posted by Black Adam himself, Dwayne Johnson. You can check out the trailer below:

If you’re keen to add Black Adam to your collection of skins in Fortnite you’re in the right place. Read on to find out details about how to unlock Black Adam in Fortnite and to discover everything there is to know about the second time The Rock has appeared in the battle royale.

How to get the Fortnite Black Adam skin: When does it arrive?

You will need to purchase Black Adam from the Fortnite Item Shop to unlock the film tie-in skin. Epic Games has revealed that the Black Adam Fortnite skin will be available to buy from the in-game Item Shop. He will be added to the game at 1am on Friday 21st October UK time.

As you can see in the official Fortnite tweet above, a Black Adam pack will be available. This includes the Black Adam skin itself, what appears to be a universal Teth’s Throne emote of your character sitting on the throne (the silhouette looks as if it is Jonesy, suggesting it’s universal), Hawkman’s Mace pickaxe, and an electrified three-triangle back bling.

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Based on leaks, too, it looks as though a Black Adam loading screen is included in the bundle as well.

Read more on Fortnite:

Different rumours are pointing towards the items being available to purchase separately, too. This means if you like the look of Black Adam’s Mace pickaxe but not the character skin itself, you should be able to buy the pickaxe on its own.

Unfortunately, Epic Games has yet to disclose how much the Black Adam skin costs. Based on previously released similar character skins, though, we’d wager the Black Adam bundle will set you back 1,800 V-Bucks.

The Black Adam Fortnite skin by itself should cost no more than 1,500 V-Bucks, and the smaller items by themselves should be under 1,000 V-Bucks. With it all releasing very soon, though, the official pricing will be known. We’ll update this guide as soon as we find out.

With the Black Adam skin being in the Item Shop, it seems more than likely that the only way to unlock The Rock’s second appearance in Fortnite will be to purchase it. We can’t say what the future holds, but don’t expect to unlock the antihero for free anytime soon.

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