Is Lamine Yamal in EA Sports FC 24? The answer to this question requires some explanation, as it is a little complicated.


Then just a 16-year-old, Yamal took the football world by storm throughout the 2023/24 La Liga season as he racked up seven goals and 10 assists across his 50 appearances for Barcelona.

The Spaniard has not slowed down, either, as he has been one of Spain’s standout performers at Euro 2024.

In their match against France, Yamal became the youngest player to score in a European championship, breaking the record held by Cristiano Ronaldo at the age of 19.

The wonder strike in that game propelled his team into the final against England, which is due to take place today (Sunday 14th July 2024).

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With all of that in mind, there is no surprise that FC 24 players are keen to sign Yamal in the game’s Career Mode and add him to their Ultimate Teams. However, playing as Yamal is more complex than you'd think.

Read on to find out why.

Is Lamine Yamal in FC 24?

Yes and no. Lamine Yamal is not in FC 24 Ultimate Team or Career Mode.

Strangely enough, though, you can play as Lamine Yamal in the Euro 2024 mode.

The Barcelona and Spain wonderkid isn’t in FC 24 Ultimate Team or even in Career Mode, with many considering the youth prospect (and regular first-team player) a big miss in the game.

You can only play as Yamal in the Euro 2024 mode as he’s a part of Spain’s squad for the real-life tournament. He doesn’t have a real face scan, but at least he’s in the game in one way or another.

Why isn’t Lamine Yamal in FC 24? Ultimate Team and Career Mode absence explained

Lamine Yamal isn’t in FC 24 Ultimate Team or Career Mode as he is too young, at just 16 years old. Or, at least, he was that age when the game was first created and released.

As far as we can tell, EA Sports has a loose unwritten rule which disallows players younger than 17 from appearing in FC 24.

Other players aged 16 have appeared in FIFA games before, while others haven’t.

It’s a slightly confusing one but, essentially, Lamine Yamal was too young to be in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team and Career Mode when the game first launched.

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What is Lamine Yamal's FC 24 rating?

Lamine Yamal’s statistics on FC 24
Yamal’s statistics in FC 24's Euro 2024 mode. EA

Lamine Yama’s FC 24 rating in the game’s Euro 2024 mode is currently only 76, which hardly reflects his real-life performances at this stage.

However, it is common in FC 24 that the overall score for younger players is slightly lower than expected. And in the Euros mode, players can be boosted based on real-life results.

Below, we have broken down the forward’s statistics in areas such as shooting, dribbling and defending.

Basic attributes

  • Positions: RW/LW/ST
  • Pace: 82 +8
  • Shooting: 72 +7
  • Passing: 68
  • Dribbling: 81 +7
  • Defending: 23
  • Physical: 48 +2
  • Skill moves: 4 stars
  • Weak foot: 3 stars
  • Preferred foot: Left
  • Acceleration type: Mostly explosive
  • Attacking work rate: Medium
  • Defensive work rate: Medium

Mental/Physical attributes

  • Aggression: 42
  • Att Position: 70 +10
  • Composure: 65
  • Interceptions: 18
  • Reactions: 63 +6
  • Vision: 66
  • Acceleration: 84 +8
  • Agility: 87 +4
  • Balance: 74 +4
  • Jumping: 54
  • Sprint speed: 81 +8
  • Stamina: 57
  • Strength: 45 +4

Skill Attributes

  • Ball control: 82 +6
  • Crossing: 69
  • Curve: 75
  • Def Awareness: 23
  • Dribbling: 84 +8
  • Finishing: 75 +8
  • Free kick accuracy: 45
  • Heading accuracy: 33
  • Long pass: 64
  • Long shots: 78 +6
  • Penalties: 48
  • Short pass: 72
  • Shot power: 70 +8
  • Slide tackle: 28
  • Stand tackle: 20


  • Technical
  • Flair
  • Quick Step

When could Lamine Yamal be added to FUT?

Spain players celebrating in FC 24
Yamal and his Spanish teammates celebrating in FC 24's Euro 2024 mode. EA

Lamine Yamal turned 17 on 13th July 2024, with some fans predicting that he'd be added to FUT on that date. However, Yamal has now enjoyed his cake and candles, but the occasion was not marked with his sudden arrival in FC 24's non-Euros modes.

Fans had also predicted that Yamal could appear in FUT via the Euro 2024 Team of the Tournament update, which dropped on Friday 12th July 2024, but that date has also been and gone without Yamal being added to FUT.

Looking ahead, Yamal will definitely be eligible to be included in EA’s next football game, FC 25, which will likely release in September 2024. At the moment, that's our best guess as to when you'll see him in FUT!

As soon as more concrete information becomes available, we will update this page.

For now, you’ll have to make do with playing as him in the game’s Euro 2024 mode and creating him as a player to use in other offline modes.

If you’re after adding Yamal to a football squad of your choosing in the present, he is in the Football Manager 2024 database - and made it into our best wonderkids guide. Just saying.

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