EA FC 24 is dropping at the end of the month, and gamers across the planet are anxiously waiting to jump back onto the pitch. That is, if they're not already playing via early access on the Ultimate Edition.


But what has changed apart from the name itself (due to EA's split with FIFA)? There's a new Evolution system, which is pretty cool, and we expect the mechanics and gameplay to be smoother - well, that last one's kind of the idea with a new release, anyway.

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But there are a few other changes, such as to the chemistry system. It was completely overhauled last year for the final FIFA, and it's changed yet again for FC 24.

Let's take a closer look.

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The main change is that position modifiers have been removed completely.

Over the franchise's history, these consumable items have allowed us to change a player's position to a new compatible one.

It got a little tedious in FIFA 23, as we had to use one for every move - including moving a player back to their original position.

In FC 24, though, players can automatically change to their secondary position.

Now that we don't need this item, moving players around the pitch should be far less bothersome (and we'll be able to save our money for things we actually need).

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